Lighting Installation

Club Lighting Installation Using LED Lighting Technology

LED technology has dramatically changed the way that bars, nightclubs, concert venues, lounges and restaurants are lit. In Depth Events  has been at the forefront of LED technology and it’s use in club lighting installation.  We are always excited to show potential clients the numerous advantages to using LED lighting for a new build or existing venues.

Image of Club Lighting Installation with an LED Dance Floor

Club Lighting Installation with an LED Dance Floor

We are experts at the use of LED lighting to bring an exciting and cutting edge look to your venture. Whether it’s illuminated bar tops or bar backs, wall washes, dance floor lighting, lit dance floors or ambient lighting, our professionals can provide an amazing club lighting installation for your guests. Additionally, we provide computer animated design so you can see the installation before we bring in a single fixture.

LED lighting results in a dynamic, color changing look with significant power savings over conventional lighting. Additionally, LED fixtures are low maintenance – most fixtures boast a 50,000 hour bulb life – which means you can run them 24 hours a day for 6 years without a failure.

For restaurants, we provide a dynamic look that changes with mood of your crowd. For bars, lounges and dance clubs, we provide the type of cutting edge look that gets people in the door including our signature LED Dance Floors. For concert venues, we provide moving lighting and fixtures that make the visiting band want to come and play your venue again. Additionally, the glow party craze has not escaped our attention. Find out how UV lighting can bring in more people than ever before to your venue!

Finally, we back up our club lighting installations with professional technicians and salespeople that ensure your installation is completed on time and in budget. Ask Us a Question today and find out how In Depth Events can provide the lighting that makes your guests come back for more!