Fashion Shows

LED Runway Stage

Fashion Shows Rentals

With many of the events we provide production rentals for, the equipment is meant to be a physical part of the event.  Huge lighting and audio systems are very visible, and have an impact on the event.  However, fashion shows rentals are different.  In a fashion event, the sound system rental, runway lighting and the runway itself are all part of the background.  It’s the models, designers and clothing that are the main focus of fashion events.  It’s a very different style of production rental and fortunately, we are very, very good at fashion events!

The Runway

Our staging professionals can configure your fashion runway rental in any shape, size and height you desire.  From a standard T runway, to squares, cross path runways and even runways in the round – the combination of our sales staff and on site technicians can provide a unique path for your models to show off your designs.

Lighting is a key factor in fashion events, but can be challenging.  Ideally, your models are out in the middle of your viewing audience.  However, lighting towers and fixtures must be hidden as much as possible to provide all the attention to the models.  We are experts at using flown rigging, ground supports, and long throw fixtures to provide the best fashion lighting rentals, while still keeping the attention where it needs to be – on your models and designs.

Audio and Video

Audio rentals and video equipment rentals also play a factor in fashion show rentals.  Sound and video should accentuate your designs and models, not overpower them. Our expert technicians will work together with you to make your event as memorable as you imagined, all while still providing the audio coverage you need to announce and showcase your work.  We even offer a live video streaming for bigger events. For larger crowds, video IMAG can be used on projection screens, plasma televisions or large format LED screens to give your attendees the detail in your designs that need to be seen up close.

Ask Us a Question today to find out more about our production rentals for fashion events.  Our friendly sales staff is happy to help realize your vision.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!