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    LED Dance Floors and Lighting

Concert production rentals for holiday events


One of our favorite types of events are Holiday events, and we’ve done a lot of them over the years! We provide concert production rentals for holiday events for our clients. Our concert production rentals include our audio rentals, staging rentalslighting rentals, and video rentals for larger indoor and outdoor festivals

We’ve provided our concert production rentals for holiday events such as corporate Christmas parties, Houses of Worship Christmas concerts, City tree lighting ceremonies, and a host of other events that require live event production rentals. Of course, most of our clients need a bit more in the way of concert production services than a typical Christmas party.

Concert production rentals for Christmas


As one of the largest concert production companies in the state, In Depth Events is unique among our peers – and our Holiday concert production services reflect that. Our intelligent lighting inventory is perfect for Christmas parties, and we have concert stage rentals for both indoor and outdoor events. Plenty of bands and DJ’s use our audio, and it’s no doubt that we’ll even have a few rooftops out for winter festivals and parades.

Audience seating risers and Choral risers are other services we provide that are in high demand around Christmas. Audience seating risers are used for high school performances and smaller black box productions. However, it’s choral and choir risers that see a lot of use during Christmas. Houses of Worship and other professional choirs use our services to make sure all the voices are seen and heard during Christmas performances. Our team can provide the right risers for your performance group!

Concert production rentals for New Years


We own the largest LED Dance Floor available for rent in the United States, and you can bet that we’ll have it out at a New Year’s party this year. Our acrylic pool covers for our corporate and hotel clients maximize their event space at the pool decks for NYE celebrations.

Also, a big hit during New Year’s Eve is our GLOW parties. A glow party can mean different things, depending on the client’s needs. Bringing in black lights and glow sticks is a clean way to have an excellent GLOW party for you and your guests. If you are ready to get messy, then it’s time to bring out the glow paint cannons and sprayers! The paint is a big hit right as the New Year starts, and after the ball is dropped, CO2 cannons provide plumes of atmosphere for your party crowd.

Concert production services for other holidays


Of course, there are all sorts of other holidays throughout the year. Easter presentations are always a busy season for choral risers at Houses of Worship. Memorial Day events are popular with kids and families ready to get out of the house and hear live music. There is any number of spring and fall concerts and festivals to attend. You can even read our blog post on Selecting the Best Vendor for Your Holiday Concert Event. Don’t forget the international Holidays like Cinco De Mayo!

Fourth of July events are a big part of our year with several City events throwing fireworks displays, festivals, and concerts for their residents. Our client base includes an annual Fourth of July event for several municipalities, including the City of Austin and Irving. Fourth of July is one of the busiest dates of the year for production companies, and we get booked up fast!

At In Depth Events, we are pleased to be a part of your holiday party, and that you trust us with your holiday concert event rental. Please Ask Us a Question today for more information on our holiday event production services!