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Black Light party rentals


In Depth Events provides full-service planning & production for large events. Our experts offer the skills and equipment to throw the most fantastic glow parties, blacklight parties, and neon parties in the known Universe! Honestly, we have the coolest job in the world – we provide audio, lighting, staging, and generators for large scale Glow Parties! 

Our team specializes in indoor and outdoor events. Whether your party will be held in a hotel ballroom, a high school gymnasium, or even an outdoor parking lot, we provide everything you need to have an EPIC party. Our professionals have experience in all the latest technologies – UV lighting, confetti cannons and blowers, CO2 effects, lasers, and even paint and water cannons.

Our client base consists of corporate parties, outdoor sporting events, and family events such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, wedding receptions, and birthday parties.  We travel the nation, providing our turnkey event services for our clients – and they are never disappointed. Time after time, our clients tell us it’s the best party they’ve ever attended!

We offer a wide array of rentals and production services. These include cloud-based live video streaming and just about anything else you might need to make your party glow party AMAZING. We want your guest to be talking about this event for years to come. We don’t just offer equipment rentals and on-site technicians- we offer an experience.

So, what is a Glow Party, anyway?


Beyond lighting, we also provide audio, staging, and even LED video walls. Glow Parties use lighting, effects, and audio to provide exciting interactive party atmospheres. Glow Parties (they can also be called UV Parties, Blacklight Parties, or Neon Parties) use three principal elements to ‘glow’: Glowsticks, LED battery operated items, and blacklights. Most Glow Parties have a DJ, although we have certainly provided bands with our parties as well. Glow Parties are incredibly customizable – some parties use confetti effects while some use LED Dance Floors.

At Glow Party Experts, we provide the glowing elements as well as the audio, staging, and party lighting. Our experts can provide talent, can work with the venue, and provide generators for power. Our typical party size for indoor events is 1,000 or more attendees, and for our outdoor activities, we routinely cover 15,000 to 20,000 people with high-intensity UV lighting.

Let us show you how we can provide a full-service Glow experience that your attendees will never forget. Are you ready for your Glow Party? Then Ask a Question and connect with our glow party experts today!