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5K run and marathon events

Need help with your next 5K or marathon? You made it to the right page, so don't run away (see what we did there). At In Depth Events, our staff has done all sorts of events, but some of our favorites are 5K run and marathon events. Whether it's a crack of dawn morning event with a local band or a night run with glow paint and DJ's, these events are always fun and exciting! We love the excited crowd of family members cheering the runners on and the look of accomplishment when a participant crosses the finish line. Our staff helps make your event better by providing the latest instaging rentals, audio systems, lighting rigs, and outdoor video rentals.

Our staff has been involved in 5K runs, bike races, and marathons for both non-profit and for-profit events ever since our inception. In rain or shine, night or day, we are happy to provide audio rentalslighting rentals, stage rentals and video rentals for any of your events such as runs, walks and bike events, however large or small. Event organizers love our rental services because our experience saves them time and trouble on the show site. Attendees love our work because the race announcements are clear, the bands sound tremendous, and (for night events) the lighting is always unique!

Want to make your event extra special? Check out our paint cannons and CO2 special effects rentals. We also offer LED stages and LED video walls if you are planning to have an after-party. Do you have a unique vision and want to try something new? Our staff can't wait to hear from you and design something incredible. Regardless of the space, the temperature, or the time, we have solutions for any event.

Touring Production


We're also involved in production touring rentals for multi-city events. Don't take chances by hiring the nearest local company! Using In Depth Events for all your races makes setup as simple as a phone call. From Boston to San Francisco, back to Miami and Northwest to Seattle, our crew goes on the road so your attendees can! Our experienced professionals are the best at what they do. They will work with you to make your event just the way you imagined it and without any hiccups. We pride ourselves on being the best and want to help you set up your event. You can count on our team to be on time, courteous, and experienced. We handle all of the setups and take care of making sure everything goes to plan. That way, you can enjoy your event without worrying about the equipment.

Want to find out more? Please Ask Us a Question to learn about our staging rental, audio system rental, lighting rental, and video rental services, and our touring services for multi-city event rentals. We look forward to hearing from working with you!