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Do I Need a Pool Cover for my Event?

Pool cover rental Picture this; you are hosting a private black-tie event at your gorgeous home. The weather is beautiful, so you opt to move the gathering outside with all the pretty lights and decorations. Here's the problem, you want more space for dancing and guests, but you have this ...
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The “New” Financial Future of Outdoor Event Production

At In Depth Events, we’ve been watching industry trends to see how event promoters and attendees address social distancing and healthy behavior. Typically, the fall season sees lots of municipal events and community gatherings in Texas, but this year, the scene is evolving. The truth is, outdoor event production is ...
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How can I take my Non-Profit Auction Online?

Helping our clients pre-produce video for their non-profits When running a non-profit, you typically have fundraisers or auctions to raise funds for your cause. Now with new closures and restrictions in place, that task is a whole lot harder. So the real question is, can you still raise money for ...
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How can you run a corporate meeting online?

Make your corporate meeting virtual Has 2020 shaken up the way you run your business? As states continue to close down and social distancing takes center stage for business models, how do you keep moving forward? The good news is, running a successful virtual corporate event can be effortless and ...
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How can we Prepare for Distance Learning and Virtual Events?

Distance learning UPDATE Is life going digital? We are all still learning one day at a time, what life will look like in the wake of 2020 changes. There is still some uncertainty about how our state will re-open, what schooling might look like, and what other significant changes we ...
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How Virtual Events are Changing the Live Event Landscape

Commencement guidelines UPDATE It’s no secret that the world has gone virtual. Everything from working, to distance learning, and even graduations are being held virtually. As you know, the Spring of 2020 made us all reevaluate how adaptable our businesses are. Since then, we have seen a steady increase of ...
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