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At In Depth Events, we provide multiple types of audience seating including custom risers and bleachers.  Additionally, we can provide seating riser systems for rental.  Audience seating riser systems are a very specific form of rental audience seating.  On this page, we’ll discuss what seating riser systems are and how In Depth Events can help you with your next event requiring audience seating!

Audience Seating Riser Systems – what they are and how best to utilize them

A rental audience seating riser system is a large scale set of audience seating risers that typically seat thousands of people at a time.  Most seating riser systems are permanent installations for high schools and college gymnasiums, stadiums or outdoor fields.  However, a rental seating riser system, by definition, has to be able to setup and then tear down at the end of the event.

Unlike custom seating risers or bleachers, a seating riser system is a larger hybrid of the two.  A seating riser system is typically made of either aluminum or steel frames.  Because it’s a ‘system’, it’s less customize-able than audience risers can be.  A seating riser system typically requires large, flat areas to setup in.  A system will typically use integrated handrails and chairs.  These parts attach to the structure itself and, therefore, become part of the superstructure of the seating riser system.  An audience riser system can be setup either indoors or outdoors.

Since they are so large, typical installations will obviously have large audience requirements.  Although they are used for concert seating, they are more common at large sporting events, especially during MMA or boxing events that take place in a much larger stadium.  You’ll also see them at race events and golfing events and occasionally in convention halls for large corporate events or presentations.

Finding the right vendor for rental audience seating riser systems

If you are looking for audience seating of this type, then you are probably a professional event planner or promoter.  If not, you may feel as if you are in over your head!  However, the experts at In Depth Events are here to help.  Here’s some tips when looking for a vendor for rental audience seating riser systems.

  • Start With CADs.  It’s important to incorporate risers into the layout of the event as early as possible.  Not only will this help with ticketed events, it also gives you a realistic expectation of the size of the seating and placement of other important elements.  If your potential vendor cannot provide CADs, then find a new vendor.
  • Inform your municipality early. A seating riser system will require inspection and review by several municipal offices including building inspection, police and the fire marshal.  Bring them in early on in the planning stages to keep from getting unpleasant surprises a few hours before doors open.
  • Know your vendor.  A reputable vendor will be happy to meet for site surveys.  They will be happy to provide references and insurance information early on the process.  As the client, it’s your responsibility to check references and insurance information.  Read your vendors online reviews.  Listen to your gut instinct.  If there is something wrong with what the vendor is telling you, then keep walking and find a company that you trust.

Better yet – take the guesswork out of vendor selection and call the experts at In Depth Events!  Our office staff is friendly and knowledgeable and our onsite technicians are second to none in the industry.  Ask Us a Question to find out how we can help you at your next event!

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